Friday, 18 December 2015

My Steampunk Christmas Tree

Hello hope all well with you.
I've been missing as I have virtually been locked away in my craft room for the last 3 weeks  making Christmas cards but the main  project was making Steampunk decorations for the second Christmas tree. I've run out of time but plan to add more to it soon.
Lots of die-cutting, painting and faux rusting, and lots of overcast days making it harder to see and photograph things.

Sorry for the amount of photos and the length of post this time - but hope you like :)

For the top of the tree 

Music scrolls - stamped 3 small pages and rolled/glued
them up and added embellishments.

Bird, cage, and cogs punched out on shrink plastic. 
slightly darker photo shows lights better

This mini book was stamped on front
and the inside pages created digitally
using some Serif Steampunk kits and MCS graphics.

Used Viva D├ęcor Rubber stamps on front and added foil to grunge.

a few of the inside pages


Used some glittered shop bought baubles and painted them with copper acrylic paint.
Glued some fancy silver braiding around top of bauble.
The cogs punched out on craft foam and painted etc.


The bits from the middle of the cogs looked like studs so I added them to sides.

A few plain verdigris effect baubles to match the two I made with the light bulbs. Acrylic paint used on plain gold baubles seem to work well.
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and thanks so much if you managed to read all this post.
Gill xx

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Steampunk Christmas Tree

Do you ever say you are going to do something and then regret it but have to do it just cause you said you would?
Apparently when partaking of some nice wine on my birthday (too much?) I suggested to my husband that a Steampunk Christmas tree might have been nice... I say 'might have' as the traditional tree was put up the day before and decorated. Next thing, he jumps up and orders a second tree - a white one this time.

Tuesday the tree arrived and now I have a month to get it decorated - oh! ...........
Here's a small taster of some things made so far.


Keeping this fairly short and sweet as I am going back to the Steampunk factory production line and get some more done.

Have a great weekend
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Gill x

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Inspired by Autumn Colours

ooooh hello I am a bit late today blogging - is that the time?
I am linking to Art Journal Journey where the theme this month is 'Inspired by Autumn colours'.
I'm not sure what seasons colours I prefer but certainly at this time of the year the warm golden colours cheer me up when it is often overcast outside.

I was trying to get her neck to be a bit 'tree trunkish' to go with the leaves.
Used oil pastels. Background using Letraset 'AquaMarkers'
Quote is a Lin Brown rubber stamp from PaperArtsy.

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Gill xx

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Girl with Blue Hair; faces 'In the style of' .....

Hiya.... Do you have moments where you are merrily going along and suddenly something jumps out at you and grabs your attention and next thing you're off in all directions at once?
For me it was in August where I stumbled upon a book on faces by Jane Davenport which led me to the authors website. Her beautiful artwork is so inspiring and by the end of August I had bought the book (which has so much good information on drawing and colouring) and was hooked on learning to draw and paint faces.

So I am linking this today to Kim Dellow 'Show your face' where the theme this month is creating faces in style of an established artist....
so here is mine inspired by Jane Davenport

My blue haired girl is one of the first things I drew and is a mix of oil and soft pastels... and is more the result of a happy mistake than intentional - I got carried away and not sure what planet I was on, but I suddenly realised I wasn't using one type of pastel and probably not the best paper. It wasn't the effect I'd hoped for so next I tried scraping some off the oil pastel off but it looked messy.  I had nothing to loose so I used the soft pastels  over the top (especially on the face and neck) and liked the interesting texture it left. The background was Black pan pastel and used an electric eraser to give the swirly pattern.

At this point in time I only had a cheap set of soft pastels and oil pastels and a few PanPastel colours to make do with... and of course that has now changed - my 'off in all directions at once' has been buying and trying different pastels and brands, using watercolours to paint (not just use to colour my stamped images)
I also got two further inspirational books by Danielle Donaldson and Pam Carriker 
Yep I am now a face addict :)

Come see all the fantastic inspirational faces over at Kims
and maybe show your face too.

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Tuesday, 10 November 2015


Hello .... its another miserable overcast day here on the Essex coast, and an excuse to stay in and squeeze in some creative play. (just as I typed that the sun has momentarily peeped out from behind a cloud to say hello and gone again)

I was recently very lucky to win a voucher which then got me some lovely goodies from PaperArtsy  (thank you x )...

Here are some things I've made so far ... have quite a few ideas for some other things but non crafty stuff has delayed my creative projects in the last couple of weeks.

Made 2 Christmas cards, a pot for my brushes and a wooden(thing?)...not sure what it's for yet, but it previously had 3 pots of Primulas in that a very distant cousin sent as a thanks for solving a 60 year Genealogy mystery for her.
I love to re-cycle, so this large yoghurt pot has come in very handy as a brush and stuff holder. A layer of Gesso under the Fresco paints, then stamped directly on the pot and used transparent Fresco paints on images.
I'd been meaning to get these fabulous rubber stamps by Darcy Wilkinson for ages as I just love anything Steampunk and adore the flamingo in the set.
I like to look at what's in a set and think of what I can do with them and to see if I am able to get something from a stamp that it wasn't probably intended for. I saw that the group of swirly bits (although a challenge) was ideal to make a Christmas tree. I worked out the tree shape first by stamping on rough paper.
On the square card for the background I used PaperArtsy fresco paints, then next using Brusho powder on a craft sheet spritzed to make an ink, used a La Blanche script stamp on top.
At the top used one of the other stamps in set (upside down?) as it looked fairy lights.  (Christmas word stamp from my stash).
The Flamingo and tree were stamped on tissue paper and coloured with Promarkers and Inktense pencils. I cut away some of the additional steampunk on the flamingos back and then drew a Christmas hat on tissue paper to fit its head. The tissue had paint on the back of it so the background didn't show through it and stuck down with a matte gel medium.
Then after I took the photos I decided to make a tag as well...

Fresco paints for tag background, stamped with a copper embossing powder and coloured in mainly with intense pencils. Cogs are die cut on fun foam and painted with various metallic paints. Key saved from a tin of ham.

My goodies I chose from the lovely people at PaperArtsy
Have a great day
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Gill xx

Friday, 16 October 2015


Happy Friday to you...( funny thing was, I thought yesterday was Monday but apparently it wasn't duh! )
Linking today to Kim Dellow 'Show your Face' and PaperArtsy 19-faces-challenge  
My face was inspired by Kims post on PaperArtsy  Kim created a wonderful face which also had some JOFY stamps; a flower in her hair and butterfly on her shoulder. 
I love my garden birds and have had them land on my hand to feed (and head once when I had turned my back) so mine is sort of based on me too - welcome to my world!
Mainly used watercolours with some pastel and coloured pencils.
I used JOFY 15 stamps and stamped the birds, birdhouse and leaves on tissue paper, then coloured them with Inktense pencils and painted white acrylic paint on back to loose the transparency. I couldn't resist adding the eye brows to the birds to give each one their own personality.
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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Two MOOs and a Car

Hello.... Today I am linking to Moo mania challenge where the theme is 'Show Patterns'. I'm a bit out of practise with the original sized small MOOs but they are great fun.
On the first one I used some mosaic stamps by 'Rubberstampede', I've had these stamps a good 10 years or more and never used them until now - not even sure this company is still around. The other was just doodled.

The usual panic sets in when thinking about having to make a male birthday card, but this one seem to come together quickly and left time before the light faded to make the second MOO.

Used a La Blanche foam stamp on background and the car is by Viva Decor stamps. Used Brusho on background and for car. Stamped car using Brusho (green) then when dried stamped again on top with Black archival ink.
I like to sprinkle Brusho on to a craft sheet/or Teflon sheet, then spritz it and use it as ink.
 The little steampunk clock embellishment is made using one of those Mod Podge molds.

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Gill x

Saturday, 10 October 2015

ARCHITECTURE create your own world

Happy Saturday to you....
Today I am linking up to Art Journal Journey where Architecture is the current theme.
I have two pieces, the second is using the first one in a digital work. 
First piece is one of those 'drawing with water' things I've been doing lately but with a Pan Pastels background.
added the buildings last

You can just about see the water drawing showing

digital artwork

So as you can see I have used my original artwork but reversed the image. 
(I use various software but my main go to is Serif 'Craft Artist' as it so easy and quick)
I have used a couple of my own digital papers which I made in the past from photos and drawings etc and blended them over my artwork.
 Is It just me, but there seems to be a large elephant now appeared over on right trunk down facing left  - how bizarre!
Added some digital buildings and a quote to finish.

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Gill x

Friday, 9 October 2015

'Miss Snooty' shows her face

Hello its Friday again, don't they come around quickly... so that means I'm linking my face to Kim Dellow challenge 'Show your face'  and here's mine today - I think she doesn't look particularly happy that I called her 'Miss Snooty' or it could be that she started off blonde and ended up a bit different.

And last but not least, hope you don't mind but this Digital piece is
for the lovely  Valerie from Bastelmania

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and don't forget to pop over to Kims
if you would like to 'show your face'
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Gill x

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Fangs for the Jar

 Hello... today I am linking to SanDee and Amelies Steampunk challenge where the theme this month is top hats and moustaches and I really fancied getting my teeth into this one!

I recycled a small John West Jar (which husband thought I could make use of) which was very shallow and my teeth fitted snuggly in it. Well not my own teeth of course as that might make me a vampire - I had a lovely box of various teeth like this given to me several years back for a laugh - I knew they'd be useful one day. 

I used fun foam with all the dies as that gives nice depth and is really useful when the dies are not suitable for cutting heavier/thicker card etc. 
Used various acrylic paints, inks and some metallic wax.

Fangs for stopping by!
Gill x